Automatic Watering System Kit


This kit consists of 10 cups and 5 meter pipe.
All the living beings need water. As a bird owner myself I know how important it is to keep the birds hydrated all the time. However some times it could be very frustrating and time consuming task . Specially when you have different setups, large number of birds, it is your hobby and you work full time and you do not want to do extra work after you come from your job etc . But the birds drinkers/ waterers are dirty and need cleaning and birds need water….. day in , day out you have to do this chore….it could be nerve breaking task, if you do not find an alternative.
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Easy to Install, Cost Effective, Saves your time and energy, Very practical.

I have a kit  for you which will take all that extra work out and you will be doing this job may be once a week, once a fort night or once a month, depending upon the size of your water source.

Each cup comes with one cup, one y connector and one set of plastic nut and bolt.

Why this kit is most Suitable for all types of setups:-

It is easy to use, birds do not need to graduate to drink water out of the cups. This kit is suitable  for aviaries / coops/ lofts/ cages you name it.  I have installed these cups  in my parrots aviary with 20 liter drum and 5  watering cups, works fine.  I have installed these cups in  in quails pens attached with 60 liter water source  and never had issue, I have these cups in my chicken coops and my chooks do not need to learn how to get water out of these. I fill all the drum once a fort night. Cups do not get dirty and I donot have to worry about the water for the birds.

The  water cups  work on very simple principle. When the cup is full it is lowered and shuts the water valve, when birds drink the water , cup becomes lighter and raises  up , thus opening the valve and allowing water to flow in, once full the water flow stops.

How much time it will take to install this  system ?

It is totally DIY project , no plumber or handy man required.  This kit does not  require labor of weeks or  days or even hours. The whole project can be completed in one hour, depending on  how organized you are on the day you under take the project.

Installation of the system.

The cups take 1 or 2 minutes for installation. The cups are best installed on wire mesh or against he  wires of the cage.  The plastic nut and bolt provided let them install in any required position. You can use zip ties  to further reinforce the cups. Once you have installed all the cups , you need to attach these with the silicon pipe using “Y” connections. It is recommended that  silicone pipe is attached to wire mesh or cage wires with the zip ties, it will give it more organized look and keep it safe. Once you have connected all the cups you need to attach pipe with the water source.

You can get water drum from many sources, including bunnings, local pets/ produce shops, online sites etc on very reasonable  price.

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