DIY Watering System


Easy to Install, Cost Effective, Saves your time and energy, Very practical.

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All the living beings need water. As a bird owner myself I know how important it is to keep the birds hydrated all the time. I also know that some times it could be very frustrating and time consuming. Specially when you have different setups, large number of birds, it is your hobby and you work full time and you do not want to do extra work after you come from your job. But the birds drinkers/ waterers are dirty and need cleaning and birds need water….. day in , day out you have to do this chore….it could be nerve breaking task, if you do not find an alternative. I have a kit  for you which will take all that extra work out and you will be doing this job may be once a week, once a fort night or once a month, depending upon the size of your water source.
Each cup comes with one cup, one y connector and one set of plastic nut and bolt. Buyer have option to buy
a) Only cups .
b) Buy 1 cup and half meter of silicone tube.
c) Buy 1 cup and a one meter of silicone tube.
So if you buy x5 of option c , you will get 5 water cups and 5 meter tube. If you buy x5 of option b you will 2.5 meters of silicone tube. Please note you will need to buy your


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