Medium Best Friend Dog Mobility Wheel chair


If you have a dog  with special needs or are planning to adopt one, know that taking care of them is noble work and allows you to show unconditional love. Caring for disabled pets is not an easy task.  You will need to establish a routine,  a daily routine with your pet helps them develop good habits and that their everyday life has structure . If your dog has mobility condition,  you’ll need to invest in a suitable wheelchair or harness, so that your dog can do things easier with the help of a mobility aid.



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Best Friend mobility dog wheel chair.


Common mobility conditions in dogs that benefit from a dog wheelchair:

  • IVDD
  • Mobility lose due to natural aging
  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
  • Paralysis
  • Neurological conditions
  • Surgical or injury recovery
  • Hip dysplasia or arthritis
  • Physical therapy & strength training.

What kind of wheelchair my dog need?

If your dog is able to walk forward with your support, they require a rear support wheelchair. If your dog shows signs of front leg weakness, such as their front legs splay outwards or their front legs begin to sink as they walk forward, they need the additional support of a quad cart.


Deciding Between Foam Wheels or Air Tires


Medium and Large pets have the option of foam wheels or air tires. Both wheel styles have their benefits so you should choose the one that will best fit your dog’s needs.

Foam Wheels –The  most popular wheel option.  This rugged, all terrain wheel will never puncture or go flat and is designed to take your dog anywhere!

Air Tires – designed for bigger and  more active dogs, the air tires provide a more natural suspension and natural bounce. Air tires are an upgraded wheel option, ideal for dogs who like to hike, run, and adventure across rougher terrain.


Description:  Best Friend Mobility Wheelchair:

Made from lightweight aluminum non-rust alloy with 14” all-terrain pneumatic wheels and waterproof Swiss bearings. This dog wheelchair includes the deluxe neoprene harness and also features padded shoulder support, triple-thronged adjustable neoprene shoulder harness. It has a fixed padded seat for comfort. Both male and female dogs will have no problems relieving themselves comfortably even while on the pet wheelchair.

Best Friend Mobility pet wheelchairs come in 6 sizes to fit every pets needs, each is adjustable in height, length and width to fit any pets. The 6 sizes range from XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL. Your pet will need normal front leg strength to use this model. Get what your pet needs by only measuring the pet from their spine from a standing position. Stand beside your pet near the rear leg, then measure from the top of their spine to the paw. Have someone help you if the pet cannot stand on their own)

Each pet wheelchair that is adjustable in height, length and width to fit the pet. With a little help from their friends, our furry pals can do more than just get by, they can continue to enjoy life.  That’s exactly what the Best Friend Mobility Large Rear Support dog wheelchair is for.

NOTE: Please measure your pet prior to ordering the wheelchair.  Measuring will provide your pet with the most successful experience.

Suggested Sizing: (Measure from spine to the floor)

  • Extra Extra Small – 8″ – 11″ back leg length
  • Extra Small – 9″ – 14″ back leg length
  • Small – 13″ – 17″ back leg length
  • Medium – 16″ – 20″ back leg length
  • Large – 20″ – 26″ back leg length
  • Extra Large – 23″ – 29″ back leg length




Major Delivery Conditions


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