Nesting box and laying box


2 Wall mounted nesting boxes.

This box is suitable for Medium to large size birds like light Sussex, black Australorp. I have both these breeds which regularly lay in these boxes.

Best price guaranteed.

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Buyer will get two nesting boxes, one 3 litre drinker and one 3 kg feeder.


The wall mounted nesting box is made of high density impact resistance plastic that will not rust, rot or corrode.


The plastic surface is easy to clean and does not get as old or hot as metal. They are easily mounted in a cop , barn or shed with just four screws. These can be mounted on doors of small coops for collecting eggs without much ado. If your hens are laying in secret places you never know you need to get this box, the chooks will love it and you will never lose eggs again.


it’s amply sized and firmly designed and features an entrance perch ventilation holes for fresh air. The perch can be turned up, closing the nest.


The box floor is lower then the entrance that helps prevent loss of bedding.


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