Puppy Starter Kit : 12 Puppy Essential items, Great value top quality


Getting a puppy for the first time can be both exciting and overwhelming. When you put in the work, time, and patience, you will get a trained puppy with lots of love to show.


Madee’s Puppy starter kit includes high quality puppy essentials which you will need to give an excellent start to your new family member. The first few months with a puppy will be a full-time job and require some essentials to keep it comfortable. If you’re new to owning a puppy, here is everything you need to have to check off the new puppy checklist and be the best paw parent you could be.

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Puppy Starter consists of :

  • Adjustable Dog Harness
  • Dog Leash and Collar.
  • Feeding bowls and a water bowl.
  • 2 Dog Molar Toys
  • 3 Rope Toys
  • Towel and Mat
  • Nail Clipper
  • Poop Bags
  • Grooming Brush


  • Adjustable Dog Harness


A dog Harness plays a vital role in puppy training as a correcting and communicative device. You can use it in guiding your puppy through obstacles during training and getting the pup’s attention when misbehaving on a walk.


Puppies that are still new to training aren’t well behaved yet, so a collar will ensure their safety and others during walks and exercise. Eventually, your puppy will finally identify danger spots after using the collar properly. You may also write down your contact number on your puppy’s collar, so you can be notified if it wanders off.


  • Major Features of Harness.


Safe & Comfortable Puppy Harness: The Small dog harness and leash set are made of high quality durable Suede material. Lightweight, soft, Hook and loop bonding is added to the top, so the harness will not slip easily, Escape proof for walking, no matter how your pet dog toss. It won’t be pulling, tugging, or choking your dogs.


Adjustable Dog Harness: Easy and free adjustment & quick release buckle. With 2 Metal Leash hook(front/back) for safer dog walks. Front hook chest attachment for training or stop from pulling on walks; With sturdy buckle, additional dog leash and D-ring on the back connected to the leash. Great for walking, running, hiking, and all outdoor activities, maintains your dog’s natural movements.


Upgraded Super Reflective Design: Our small dog harness is designed with special fully reflective material to ensure your dog is highly visible and keep dogs safe at night. When the light shines on the chest strap, the reflective strap on it will reflect the light. Small dog harness and leash set all can reflect well. Suitable for any scene, whether it is training or walking. Give your pet a much safer and more comfortable outdoor experience.


Easy To Put On and No Pull: Dog harness design in step-in style, easy put on and off with back buckle and quick release. Don’t worry about slipping out or choking. This harness for small dogs come with a dog leash,150cm/59inch length long, Suitable for any scene, whether it is training or walking.


More Size More Choices: Our dog vest harness include the sizes from S-M-L for Small Medium and Large breed such as Bulldog, Chihuahua, Beagle, Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshund, Pomeranian, Basset Hound, Basenji, corgi, Bichon Frise, Papillon, Terrier, poodle, and more. Measurement methods: Use a soft ruler to make a circle around the dog’s front legs (that is, the widest part of the front chest). In addition, you need to reserve 2-3cm. This is the length of the dog’s bust.)


  • Dog Leash and collar.


Puppies need regular exercise, and by getting a leash, you can guarantee their safety and check another item off the new puppy checklist. When you choose a leash, get a basic one for walks and a long one for training. A leash will ensure that your puppy won’t run away or, even worse, get hit by a car when they get startled. Likewise, getting a leash is important to control movements should you wish to travel with your dog.


High quality: high-grade microfiber material, softer and more comfortable than leather collars, more durable and easier to clean. Perfectly solves the problem of nylon collar trapped hair.


Classic design: Made of zinc alloy with rounded corners and square buckles, beautiful colors, durable and rust-free. Fashionable color makes your pet look more charming when running and playing


Safer: High-brightness reflective material, reflective at night, more secure protection. The collar itself does not emit light by itself, and will not interfere with the vision of cats and dogs. Under the light in the dark environment, the collar will form a strong contrast with the surrounding environment, making it easier for people to perceive, thus playing a protective role for pets


  • Poop Bags


Pet owners need to pick up their animal waste for sanitary purposes. Thus, always bring poop bags with you during your walks to avoid contact with pathogens. Dispose of the poop bag in the trash can properly.

  • Puppy Dental Supplies


Get your puppy some dental supplies, including a toothbrush, paste, dental toys, or dental treats to keep its gums and teeth healthy. Good dental hygiene prevents broken teeth, bleeding mouth, drooling, loose teeth, bad breath, and a dog’s inability to eat or drink.


Treat Molar Stick : This dog chew toy is made of chew-resistant soft TPR material, it’s durable, bite-resistant enough to withstand the aggression of small and medium breeds dogs chewers. While no dog toy is truly indestructible, but this one is good enough for your aggressive puppies.


You can smear food on the surface or put some snacks in the toy, especially when the dog is not interested in new toys, or when you want to use the toy to successfully divert the dog’s attention and prevent them from disturbing you. A proper toy will help both you and your pets.


This Dental Dog toy is Non-toxic and designed to help clean dog’s teeth to freshen breath, stimulate gums and reduce tartar and plaque buildup when your dog plays and chews away.


Molar toy size: L*W*H:19.8CM* 8.5CM*5CM, weight:168g.This dog toy is designed for small breeds dogs and young puppies of medium ,large breeds dogs. 🐕NOT suitable for some super aggressive chewers like grow-up German Shepherds, Pit-bulls, American Foxhound, Mastiffs, Alaskan, or some too small breeds dogs like Chihuahuas.


  • Grooming Essentials


Puppies vary in coats, and you will need to groom them by cleaning their ears, washing them, checking their eyes, clipping their claws, and brushing their teeth. To accomplish all these, you will need grooming supplies to keep your puppy clean and healthy.


  • Nail Clipper


Bright LED Light: The built-in ultra-bright LED light clearly illuminates the pet’s nail bloodline, shows you exactly where to make cut to avoid damaging trimming. This innovative design can greatly reduce the risk of bleeding due to excessive trimming. You can overcome your fear of trimming nails with our comfortable nail clippers.


One-step Cut: The pet nail clippers are made out of high quality stainless steel sharp blades, powerful enough to clip your pets nails with just one-step cut, quickly and cleanly. The half-moon design is more suitable for the shape of pet nails such as dogs, cats and even rabbits.


User Friendly Design: Cats & Dogs nail trimmer is designed to keep you comfortable while grooming your pet, waterproof and durable, with a comfortable ABS handle, which is very suitable for small and large hands. There is a transparent baffle to prevent the trimmed nails from flying away, removable, and easy to clean.


Free Nail File: With the mini nail file, you can easily file off the sharp corners or edges of pet nails after trimming the nails of cats and dogs, polish their sharp nails to perfection. The design of hidden is convenient for storage. Get this pet nail clipper now and make your pet happy!


  • Grooming Brush


The large cat hair brush perfect for both your long haired or short haired cats/dogs/puppies; The brush teeth of small dog brush for shedding can easily remove the hairs of pets that fall on your sofa or clothes.


Use high-quality stainless steel to make bristles, soft needles, long-term use without deformation; reasonable needle spacing, deep clean each hair by using slicker dog brush.


Cat comb is Universal. The bristles head uses a soft rubber cap to avoid damage for pet skin; the design of cat slicker brush prevents static electricity and protects pet hair.


After every grooming session for your pet, self clean button of dog brush for shedding helps clean up hair and residue out of brush after use.


Our Slicker Brush is especially designed, High-quality stainless steel needles, which will not be deformed for a long time; environmentally-friendly handles, and rubber non-slip mats; Ergonomic structure design, combing pet’s hair is more labor-saving.





  • Dog Toys


Toys are necessary for your puppy’s well-being as they help fight boredom and provide comfort when they need it. However, before buying a dog toy, you should consider the environment, size, and activity preference that may contribute to either danger or safety. For instance, small toys may get lodged in your pup’s throat, so those aren’t advisable.


Dog Rope Toys – 3 Pack Large, XL Large Dogs Dog Ropes



  • Food Bowl


A useful assistant to help you feed your pet while youre away for a while.


It can be a very practical and thoughtful gift to your friends who have pets at home, and they will be very happy.


Very simple and easy to fill, convenient for you, time- saving and effortless.


Made of high- grade PP material, safe and durable, with excellent texture.


Convenient and practical food dispenser that can feed food for pets automatically.




  • Puppy Towel


This dog towel measure 55.1 * 27.5 Inches. perfect for medium large dogs. Other sizes are available.


This dog bath towel made of upgraded microfiber fabric, soft thick and tightly, can soaks up to 10X water or mud than regular cotton towels.


Not only in bath time, you can also use our microfiber dog towel after pool, rainy days or grooming for your lovely pets! quick dry after times use, saving much time on drying dogs!


This dog microfiber towel can be stored in your car for on the go trips for your pet or at home. Provides comfort for your pet and protection for your couch, carpet, car, bed, floor, or chair.


Multi-purpose pet towel, Great for grooming, traveling, a pet kennel, or cage to keep your pet warm, cozy and comfortable. Machine washable.

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