Reptile Lamp Stand for heat emitters


Lamp stands are ideal for hanging bulbs over open top or mesh enclosures, giving you the flexibility to adjust the height and positioning of your heat source, especially useful for Mercury Vapour Bulbs.

  • Dimensions – from 20 – 37″ in height, 11 – 19″ in depth

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Madee’s Reptiles Lamp Stands enable  you to  hang a bulb of any type, such as basking or ceramic, over an open top or mesh enclosure, and adjust the height of the bulb, and also the positioning of it to get the perfect basking spot.

These can be adjusted in height, moving the bulb up and down to suit your set up. They can also be adjusted in and out as well, meaning you can move the basking spot further into the centre of the set up, or swing it left or right to ensure you have the perfect basking spot.

These come in a finished black matt, and have easy-to-use screws to tighten the stand in place. There is a hook on the end for easy hanging of your bulb holder, and also a clip on the stand for better cable management.


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