Cages for Quail farming


This listing is for 1 cage  for quail farming for eggs and meat.

Dimensions: These cages are 90 cm long, 60 cm wide and 26 cm high.

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I use these cages for breeding purposes. These are also used for meat production purpose. However if used for eggs production and breeding purposes do not house more than dozen quails in these cages. For meat production you can keep 3 dozen quails.



  • 50 cm long trough feeder.
  • Auto waterer to be connected with the water source.
  • Plastic tube for connecting with water source.
  • “Y” connectors for connecting tubes to waters in cages.
  • Plastic sheet for collecting poo.
  • Zip ties : It is very practical to erect the whole structure of cage with the help of zip ties and than reinforce with the metal clips provide. You can use only zip ties, they last for ever. Please refer to picture 5.

Each cage consists of:

Roof panel : One roof panel with wider gauge grid. The door fits into the roof.

Floor panel: You will notice the distance between grid of floor panel is narrower.

Side panels : 2, 90 cm long and 2, 60 cm wide panels .

Door panel: this fits in the roof.

Feeder panel: It is optional to use or not use this panel . 

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 60 × 8 cm


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